Blogtober 2021 : Day 21

I’ve been out today!  Oh, it’s been such a lovely day – the sky was blue, the sun was warm and you would never have known that the last week or so had been wall-to-wall rain.  Someone was definitely smiling on us – yes, us, as today I’ve been over to Skipton and then on to the RHS Harlow Carr garden which is near Harrogate and about half an hour’s drive from Skipton with my fab friend Lucy.  It’s been a long day and it’s late now so I’ll just show you a few photos from today and then write a proper post about the garden later on – I’ve taken a ridiculous number of photos as you can probably imagine so I need to go through them and find the best few otherwise Blogtober will be over and you’ll still be looking at garden photos! 🙂  No editing at all on these photos – the sky really was that blue and the colours really were that amazing!

I couldn’t resist adding this photo of my Autumn Leaves yarn … the colours were all around me today!

See you tomorrow! xx


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8 Responses

  1. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful blue sky. Great socks !

  2. ChrisG says:

    What a wonderful day, thanks for sharing! I love that my 2 favourite yarny people are friends 😍

  3. Mairi Hughes says:

    Love the hedgehog street. Beautiful photos. I’ve been busy taking photos of fungi whilst we’ve been walking in the Cairngorms national park. Love your blogoctber.

    • winwickmum says:

      I hope you got plenty of photos! I’ve seen lots of big mushrooms growing wild recently (I’m pretty certain they’re mushroom and not toadstools) – perhaps it’s the time of year for it! xx

  4. CJ says:

    Oh it looks amazing, and what glorious weather. I shall look forward to seeing more photos.

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