Helloo!  Thursday today, I’m much more on the ball, not least because I’ve been for my Covid-19 jab today so I had to remember what day it was 😀

A small card indicating that a Covid-19 vaccination has been administered. In the background are an orange mug of tea and toasted teacake on a black and white plate

Back home, it seemed essential to sit down with a brew and a teacake and admire the sticker that I got for bravery.  Seriously, it was all very easy.  Whatever your view on the vaccine is (and just because I chose to have mine doesn’t mean I sit in judgement if you choose not to – it’s a very personal decision), you’ve got to admire the number of people who have volunteered their time to organise car parking, point people in the right direction, hand out masks, squirt hand sanitiser, log registration numbers, clean seats, announce the next available vaccine slot, make sure you sit down before you drive home and wave to you as you leave.  It reminds you that we’re all in this together and that hopefully it won’t be long before it’s safe for those who are shielding and at risk to go outside again.

Thanks for all your thoughts on yesterday’s post.  I’m very glad you’re not bored of my daily posts yet!  The dog is not alone with being scratchy as it appears a very high proportion of pets seem to have some kind of seasonal reaction to something or other (we did think he might have some kind of hayfever at first) but because his scratching went on for so long then we ended up seeing the dermatology specialist.  I’m also very pleased that I am not alone in waging war against the Crocosmia and I’ll look forward to the next 10 years of pulling up the shoots … I do have pots that I could put some into and that would also raise them above the level of the other plants to give a focal point so I think that might be on my list for the next time I’m in the garden, thank you luluknits!

You’ll be pleased to know that we didn’t get snowed in after yesterday’s weather forecastand today is a beautiful Spring day.  The dog and I went to Culcheth Linear Park before big daughter drove me to St Helens for my jab (if you get a lift, you don’t have to wait afterwards before they let you leave, and it was nice to have the company on the way).  I haven’t been there for a few weeks and you can tell that Spring is definitely springing!

Look at that sky!

Blue sky above the outline of trees

There was hardly anyone around – quite a change from yesterday’s walk which was really quite busy with other walkers – and it was lovely to walk through the trees and see the changing greenery.

Yellow flowers on a tree

Does anybody know what tree this is?  I don’t remember seeing this last year!

A wide woodland path with trees either side. A black dog is in the distance

Clumps of daffodils on the woodland bank

There are so many daffodils out, new leaves appearing both on the trees and on the ground, and plenty of mud at the end of the footpath!  Yes, the dog was in there and yes, he did need to be hosed down when we got home.  I decided that was an appropriate point to turn round as I didn’t fancy wet feet or being hosed down myself.

I’m writing this quite early on in the day just in case I start to feel peculiar later: big daughter has already had her jab as she is a volunteer for Childline and classed as an essential worker through the NSPCC, and she was quite poorly after hers so I’m aware that it can happen.  It does mean that I don’t have any sock progress to show you today, though, as I haven’t had chance to sit down and start my heel flap just yet.  Hopefully that will be what I’m doing after I’ve picked small daughter up from school as I’ve decided that the rest of today should officially be Knitting Time.

I’ll be able to let you know tomorrow!

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12 Responses

  1. StitchyKate says:

    I hope you feel ok with the vaccine. I was fine with no side effects (although I'd expected the worst). You're right in that so many people have come together to organise these vaccinations. It's been so efficient. Your blue skies are glorious. Xx

  2. Corinne says:

    I had the same weather forecast on my phone yesterday, Christine! Beautiful day today though. I wonder if it's to do with the app glitches that have been reported recently.
    Sorry, I can't help with the yellow flowers, but I love your photos. Spring has really arrived at last.
    I had my AZ jab last week and had a headache, and aches and pains in my joints and muscles for 24 hours, then I was ok after that. I'm so thankful for the vaccine and all the people who are getting it out there. It's a massive undertaking and I hope people go when they are offered it. I know there will always be some who won't or can't but at least I'm happy that my family will when they can.
    I'm enjoying reading your daily posts too.

  3. Lynn says:

    Hello. Thanks for posting again today. I hope you are ok after your vaccine. I must admit I was poorly like your daughter but just for 24 hours. Hope it passes you by! Could your yellow flowers be a cornus?

  4. Mary says:

    Congrats on the vaccine. I had the Moderna vaccine and felt ill for a day after the second jab. So much better than getting the virus. I am anxiously waiting for your new yarns to arrive in the USA. Love your posts!

  5. Unknown says:

    So glad you've received your vaccination!Cathy in Australia.x

  6. Maggieann says:

    Well done Christine, I think it depends on which jab you have had seems the Oxford one is the one you can possibly be poorly after we had the Pfizer one and we were both fine but my son had the Oxford and was quite poorly for 48hrs fingers crossed you are ok.

  7. Unknown says:

    Lovely blog as always love the area where you live it looks gorgeous glad you had your jab hopefully no side effects I had mine and didn't feel well but everyone is different keep up the blogs love sue x

  8. Kathryn says:

    I hope you are feeling OK today. As a wild generalisation, the side effects of AZ are supposed to be worse the younger you are. I had virtually none – just a few hours of feeling tired and woozy 48 hours later. I found your blog through Lucy at Attic 24 and I am enjoying your daily posts. I think your small daughter and my small daughter must be a similar age (mine is 14). I was excited to realise you wrote the WYS sock patterns – I knitted one of the Christmas ones last year. Just the right mix of interest without being too complicated 🙂

  9. happy hooker says:

    Great news on the vaccine front! We got ours on Valentine's day – much better than chocolates and flowers! We had the AZ jab and felt very fatigued and headachey the next day, but nothing that a good rest and some Paracetamol couldn't cure. Better than getting the virus. xx

  10. Susan Rayner says:

    I hope you feel OK after the vaccine – I had a sore arm for about 12 hours that started that evening – but otherwise fine! So good to feel that we are getting toward the end of the tunnel! Our nettles in the woods are growing at least 6" per day!! I am sorry that I do not recoognise the tree. Lovely that you have big daughter to be an extra chauffeur!!

  11. Unknown says:

    Hi Christine, great that you've had your jab! Lovely pics, thank yo for sharing them. I think your yellow flowers are Cornus mas – a beautiful spring sight.

  12. Cathy says:

    So pleased you had your jab I had my first one back in January never had any after effects at all so when I have my second in April I am hoping for same result.
    Love all your photos and chats I look forward to reading them

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