Catching up

The way it turned out, I ended up doing things last weekend that were completely different to what I had planned to do.  It just works out that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

I went for an unscheduled walk with the dog on Saturday afternoon (I was supposed to be working in the garden) …

Culcheth Linear Park is just lovely at this time of year.  The leaves have been spectacularly gorgeous and are lying inches deep on the path.  It’s like walking through crunchy snow!  The dog doesn’t really like leaves which is quite strange – he’ll do his best to walk around them if we’re walking on pavements – but he’s always distracted by the interesting smells on these walks so I don’t worry too much about bringing him.

I cleared away small daughter’s pumpkin (she should have done this a while ago!) …

I’m actually thinking that we should have bought it really early and left it to go mouldy before Hallowe’en because it looks far scarier than it did on the day small daughter carved it!  Something to try next year?  Maybe not! 😀

I finished my husband’s Mind The Gap socks (I was meant to be working on some commission socks but the yarn didn’t arrive in time) …

Oh, I just love these socks!  They were a joy to knit – I knitted a whole foot one afternoon without really thinking about it – and I am so glad that there’s yarn left for me, although there won’t be enough for a pair for me so I’ll need to be creative with contrast colours.

I also finished off these socks … I started them last summer on holiday and they got put aside on several occasions whilst I did other things.  The yarn was a painted sock blank and I was a bit concerned that they weren’t going to match enough for me to be able to wear them (yes, I do have matching socks issues; no, I don’t want therapy for it!) but I’ve decided that if I pick the two closest matching socks then I might be OK.  Actually, I think that decision is made for me as I’ve reinforced the toes on two of the socks but not the third and it’s always the toes that wear out for me.  The third sock will become a sample sock for when I’m out and about at sock clinics so that I don’t have to remember to take one sock of a pair out of the drawer.

I seem to have spent the majority of this week trying to catch up with myself – I’ve done some cleaning, some decluttering, some knitting (the commission yarn has arrived, yippee!)  and some stressing about all the things that I’ve not done.  The usual sort of week, really, although I did have a lovely day on Tuesday when I went to see my friend Lucy in Skipton.  We did some chatting, some knitting, some crocheting, lots of hot-drink-drinking and generally put the world to rights.  We need these moments in our weeks, don’t we?

This evening, small daughter and I took the dog out to the Linear Park just as the light was starting to fade, which is getting earlier and earlier these days.  Despite her grumbling about coming with me, it wasn’t long before she and the dog were tussling over a huge branch that both of them intended to carry, and was having a far nicer time than she had thought she would do.  It’s magic, that fresh air, isn’t it?

I’m out and about again this weekend – back to the Peak District to Wiseheart Studios in Whaley Bridge.  The address is Peartree Cottage, 10 Canal Street, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, SK23 7LS and I’ll be there from 11am till 1pm to sign books, answer any sock questions you might have and of course admire your socks so do come along and say hello!

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11 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    The mind the gap socks are gorgeous. Shame you have OCD match up syndrome lol otherwise you could have a different colour for every cuff, heel and toe.

  2. selina says:

    lovely socks! yes i'm a mismatched preference sort, purposely not matching wool for my socks; sometimes i do it on mittens too though the ones i put up for sale are usually matched, there's not many that like mismatched.
    i was hoping to get your books before xmas but alas they will have to wait til after the new year.
    a dog that doesn't like leaves? that's different! hahaha walks around them, too funny.
    great post
    thanx for sharing

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Oh, he is so funny to watch with the leaves, he really doesn't like walking through piles of them at all! He's not that keen on snow either, and especially not being a target for snowballs! 🙂 xx

  3. Mary Howland says:

    This may be a dup. What is the name of the sock yarn used for your husband’s socks? I really like it. Thanks.

    • Winwick Mum says:

      It's called Mind the Gap and it's made by a company called Trailing Clouds ( You have to pre-order the yarn as it's dyed in batches but it's worth the wait 🙂 xx

  4. Barbara says:

    My favorite pattern of yours is Easy Cable Socks. I was searching for my needles so I could cast on a pair and realized I had not finished another pair of just plain socks. So now trying to finish those socks so I can start on the cable socks. I think I'm a bit obsessed. It seems I am always finding socks I started and need to finish. I enjoy reading your blogs.

  5. gillian davies says:

    Lovely to see the finished mind the gap socks.I was inspired to get a hank after you posted a pic of yours.Have just bought the black yarn and a short circular needle today ,have always knit on 4 needles before but thought I would try it after reading your comments on needle choices.Have also bought the wys Xmas wool so going to use the same pattern for both.looking forward to making a start now.

  6. Henrie635 says:

    just started knitting, working on a cable scarf. Next project is socks, I'm kind of nervous about trying! They look complicated.

  7. BongoBatty says:

    Love your mind the gap socks, just beautiful. I also find I have pokey toe problems, please could you tell me how you reinforce the toes. My socks don't wear quickly anywhere else but the toe, it's quite annoying. I just love hand knitted socks! Thank you. Alison

    • Winwick Mum says:

      I usually use heel stitch or ribbed heel stitch, but I think I'm going to have to experiment with some other stitches too as I've recently gone through the toes on socks with heel stitch toes too … it's either that or cut my toes off which seems a bit drastic! 🙂 xx

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