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No-nylon Sock Yarn Reviews

You can knit socks in pretty much any yarn you like, but the problem is that depending on which fibre it is, the socks can wear through very quickly.  The simple answer to this is to add nylon to the mix to make the socks strong and hard-wearing, but did you know that it's possible to blend different fibres and fleeces to get the same effect without the nylon?

I've been knitting, road-testing and reviewing no-nylon yarns to see how they compare with commercially-produced sock yarns containing nylon.  These yarns have been produced from British sheep, goats and alpacas and I love the fact that buying these yarns supports our farmers and the British yarn industry.  

I road-test the socks for six months before reviewing the yarn (with the exception of the first review which had a tough trial on a trek in Peru on my daughter's feet) so that I can give you proper feedback on how the socks have worn.  

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