Blogtober 2023 : Day 28

Hello, hello, it’s the weekend again – and phew, what a week it’s been!

Thank you for your kind words about the Hope Socks pattern which was launched into the world yesterday – over 70 of you have bought the pattern which already gives me an amazing amount to send to the charity at the end of the month – thank you! xx

Today has been a quiet day after all the sock excitement of the last week, and I’ve been very glad of it!  My husband and I had time for breakfast together again, and we are finding this time to chat about our weeks and ourselves is invaluable.  With our girls growing up and not needing us as much as they did, we’re finding ourselves heading for a new phase of life and it’s so important for us to keep talking to each other as we navigate emotions and life choices that we’ve not had to think about before.

I managed to get out into the garden today to see what autumn colours are out – some plants have changed but not all of them and there’s still colour to come, I hope.

A close up of an acer leave in shades of red and orange The yellow leaves of a witch hazel bush against a grey sky A yellow rowan tree leaf which has fallen from the tree White flowers against green leaves

It’s gloomy and damp again today, and it’s been raining on and off.  It’s not been a crisp and glowing autumn so far!  Still, hopefully there’s time for it all to improve before winter officially arrives!

I’m planning to spend my evening finishing off a sock that I showed you waaaaay back at the beginning of Blogtober

A partly-knitted sock in stripes of blue and rainbow on a white background next to a curled long circular needle with a pink cable

I couldn’t find my need on Day 5 when I was ready to start the toes, but as you can see it’s turned up (in a bag of things that I took to Yarn Lane with me in September!) and I’m going to get on and finish off the toes before I put the needle down somewhere and lose it again 🙂

I hope it’s been a brighter day where you are!  See you tomorrow! xx



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4 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    the sun is shining so Simba is a happy garden cat today. I’m knitting my Christmas colourwork glove. oh, and I have a brew… lovely start to my day.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Why do you switch your needle for the toes? Is it a size change, or just so you can do magic loop? And what needle is that with the fancy twist to it?

    Out here on the prairies of Canada we already have snow and negative temperatures but still some leaves hanging on too!

    • winwickmum says:

      I use a 30cm short circular needle and it gets too tight to work the stitches once they drop below 60sts. I usually swap to DPNs or a long circular to use magic loop and I’ll use either depending on my mood 🙂 Snow already! There’s no sign of that in the UK yet! xx

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