Mother’s Day 2019

Nature’s posy.  It’s for you, whether it’s a happy or a sad day.  It’s OK for it to be both.

Happy Mother’s Day xx

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6 Responses

  1. happy hooker says:

    Thank you. I hope yours was good. xx

  2. Helen says:

    So lovely!

  3. luluknitts says:

    And to you Christine. x

  4. Bestemor Kathy says:

    What good timing – the stress scale was a bit high yesterday- the flowers blessed me.

  5. The other Lynne says:

    Thank you. My Dad gave me a little pot of primroses. Reminded me of my little welsh Nain

  6. creativemummybear says:

    How very true. Feeling blessed for the wonderful grown up children I have, and a touch of sadness for the Mum I can no longer see and touch. The circle of life. Hope you had a blessed day. xx

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