GDPR compliance

If you’re living in the EU (and this includes the UK for now, despite our Brexit negotiations), you have probably heard about GDPR.

These are new regulations which come into force on 25 May and improve protection of our personal data – it means that amongst other things, companies can’t pass on our email addresses to “selected third parties” without saying who those third parties are, they can’t ask for information that doesn’t relate to what you are signing up for (eg, asking for your ethnic origin or religious persuasion when entering a competition to win a coffee maker unless it’s relevant) and that we have the right to ask for our data to be deleted from a company’s files if we don’t want them to be in contact with us any more.

These regulations also affect people like me who have a subscriber email list and so I have to ask you to update your information to confirm that you want to stay on the list to receive blog post updates, or to unsubscribe if you don’t.  That actually makes a lot of sense to me with or without GDPR as I never want to send anybody anything that that will just clutter up their inbox 🙂

I’ve sent out an email to everyone on my mailing list to ask you to update your profile and I’m obliged to delete anybody off my list who’s not responded by 25 May – sometimes this email goes into spam folders so if you think you’ve not received it, please could you check your spam/junk folder just to make sure that it’s not in there.

Not your usual kind of blog post from me, but an important one.  Normal service will be resumed very shortly 🙂

Update – 10.05.18 : Don’t worry if you didn’t get an email, it could be that your update email comes from Feedburner which is a different mailing list so you won’t have got one as the email I sent came from Mailchimp.  Wherever your email comes from, you can still update your preferences by clicking either the “update preferences” or “unsubscribe” links at the bottom of the emails so you can still be up to date 🙂

Update – 30.05.21:  I am now using Flodesk to send my emails and you will automatically be asked to confirm your acceptance when you sign up.  If you didn’t get that email, check your spam filter as it sometimes goes in there.

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9 Responses

  1. Chloe says:

    It is a sensible law I think, I don't mind receiving an email that will help me keep my data protected and my spam folder empty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christine, I believe the date is the 25th not the 28th, better to be safe the sorry maybe. Best regards, Ann S.

    • Winwick Mum says:

      You're quite right, Ann, thanks for pointing that out! Not quite sure how I've managed to do that – I've seen enough of the emails in my own inbox! 🙂 xx

  3. Jeanne says:

    Hi Christine, I have not received your email, could you resend please. Thank you Jeanne

  4. sandi s says:

    Please keep me on your email list. Thanks. Hugs,

  5. Unknown says:

    Yes keep me on your email list.

  6. Liz J says:

    Hi Christine, I have not received your email and would very much like to remain on the mailing list. Please will you resend.

  7. Unknown says:

    I would like to continue receiving emails from you.

  8. happyneedles says:

    I certainly don't want to lose you or you lose me. I have not received update email from you. Please keep me on list to receive your emails

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