Catching up and counting down

I can’t believe that it’s Monday again!  I’ve had such a busy few days and it’s all been yarn-related – I’ve felt very spoilt!

There’s such a lot to tell you about and I can only really give you a quick glimpse of it all today – the posts will be coming but there’s something else going on this week that requires my attention. Read on and I’ll tell you more …

On Thursday I went to the Sirdar mill in Wakefield.  It was the visit that was part of the Knit Now Online Knitter of the Year award, along with the award presentations and a chance to catch up with the winners of the other categories.  What a great day it was!  We toured the mill from top to bottom (actually, from bottom to top but you know what I mean!), saw more yarn than you could shake a stick at and even got a sneak preview of brand new yarns and design ideas.

I’ve taken lots of notes and lots of pictures so that I can show you the whole process of how the yarn gets from the mill to your yarn shop, and how the patterns that you buy are created.  We also got the inside view on how a magazine issue is created from Kate, the editor of Knit Now, and it’s fascinating to see just how much is involved.

I left Wakefield to drive to Skipton to collect a friend of mine and we headed up to Cockermouth to Woolfest.  Neither of us have ever been before and as it’s held in an auction mart just like Yarndale, we were interested to see what it would be like.

It’s bigger than Yarndale and there are more stalls and the layout is different, but the event feels similar and some of the stallholders also exhibit at Yarndale.  There is a lot more livestock at Woolfest – I’ve taken far too many pictures of sheep (if that’s really possible!) – and we had a lovely time mooching and browsing and squishing.  I didn’t go mad, but I’ve come home with a few skeins of gorgeous squishiness.  I do have a plan for them so there was no random splurging, but there very easily could have been!

Finally, this is the reason that the posts are going to be a bit delayed this week …

Big daughter leaves for Peru next Monday.  We’ve been planning this for so long that it feels a bit unreal to be counting down the last week before she goes.  We got all of her kit out last night to check that we had everything and we’ve still got a bit to get, so this week is last-minute shopping, dental appointments and catching up with friends before she leaves.  There’s not much more to get, though, and if you’re thinking that there doesn’t look like much to take for a month then I’d be inclined to agree with you.  Her rucksack weighs 9.5kg at the moment – I think that’s the lightest she’s ever travelled!

You might notice a certain pair of socks on the clothes pile to the right of the picture … the second pair is almost finished – I’ve just turned the heel on the second sock so there’s not far to go now but there’s going to be some frantic knitting going on this week to make sure that it’s ready in time.  I can’t have her hopping around the Andes!

So, as you can see, there’s lots coming up on the blog over the next few posts, but I hope you will forgive me if I don’t write them quite as quickly as I might usually do.  You’ll get my undivided attention again next week and I’ll probably be glad of you being around as it will take my mind off my girl being 6,000 miles away!

Back soon ….

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11 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Hello. I wanted to tell you, if I have not already that I have been learning to knit socks, and your pattern has been a go to for me. I love it. I did initially learn with Very Pink Knits shorty socks pattern and videos. I knit up about 5 single socks. Trying all sorts of yarn and needle sizes. I think I do prefer magic loop best, although I also love the 9"circs from hiya hiya. At any rate, I am now onto real PAIRS of socks. I have used proper sockweight yarn and am even doing cuffs and heels and toes with contrasting yarns. I am actually a crochet gal, who has loved that craft, and decided to branch out to knitting last year, sticking with very basic patterns. Now, I have found socks…and am IN LOVE!!! Wanted to say thanks for sharing your lovely pattern.
    Also, my sister in law and another dear friend are from Peru. I assume your daughter must be hiking Machu Pichu. Such a wonderful trip she will have. I wish her fun and safety in her travels.
    XO Kris

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Hello Kris, it's lovely to hear from you! I'm so glad that your socks are now pairs – it's no good hopping! 🙂

      My daughter will be visiting Machu Picchu, but first she will be working on a social project helping out with building or painting, teaching English and spending time with local families, and then doing the Huaraconda trek so she's going to be busy for the next four weeks! She wrote a blog post for me about her preparations if you'd like to read it: xx

  2. Amy at love made my home says:

    Glad you had a great time! I hope that your daughter will have an incredible time on her travels and will enjoy it all a great deal!! xx

    • Winwick Mum says:

      Thanks, Amy! I'm sure it's going to be amazing – but I'm not even thinking about how much we'll miss her! xx

  3. Unknown says:

    Very jealous of your visit to Sirdar – they would've had to pull me out of there kicking and screaming!! Woolfest looked fab altho rather than buying yarn, I probably would've taken one of those gorgeous sheep home!!! The nerves must be kicking in re your baby's imminent departure …. you need a distraction – how about knitting??? xxx

  4. mazmama says:

    Good luck big daughter! Enjoy the next 4 weeks. You'll never forget it!

  5. Solstice Yarns says:

    Hee Hee….Ooooh I recognise Terry the Ram! I was at Woolfest too. Such a lovely show 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    My daughter did a World Challenge to Peru about 10 years ago. She had a brilliant time, I think we worried more than we needed to.
    When they were in the main cities and could use an internet café, we did have a few chats, which is very settling.
    It is a real life builder for them as they have to make decisions not thought about before.
    Try and relax, keep busy and count the days down !!!!
    P.S. you probably won't want the socks back ……phew. Xx

    • Winwick Mum says:

      That's really helpful to know, thanks Sue! We have heard that they may get access to an internet cafe but I guess we won't know until that happens! It's just very strange to think of her being such a long way away! xx

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