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Yarndale Sock Line

The Yarndale Sock Line is a charity sock knit where the socks are displayed at the Yarndale yarn festival and then gifted to people who need a little bit of extra love in their lives.

The Sock Line first appeared at Yarndale in 2015 and was a great success.  It's hoped that we can continue to string up the line every year!

You can read the original Yarndale Sock Line post here, the post for 2016 here and 2017 here.

For 2018's Yarndale Sock Line post, click here

You can download the free printable labels for the socks by clicking the pictures below:

Yarndale Sock Line 2015

List of contributors

View the Yarndale Sock Line 2015 socks

Yarndale Sock Line 2015 destinations - see where the socks have gone!

Yarndale Sock Line 2016

Join in with the Yarndale Sock Line 2016!

Read about the Yarndale Sock Line at Yarndale 2016

View the Yarndale Sock Line 2016 socks

Yarndale Sock Line 2016 destinations - see where the socks have gone!

Thank you notes


  1. Hi hi I've been knitting my first socks in YEARS inspired by your sock line at Yarndale and the great yarns there. I got a new set of Cubic needles and I'm getting on pretty well. Just wondered if it's too late to join your donations? I'd obviously find somewhere else if needed but if you had an idea where you'd send a pair of quite large adult socks then I'd send them to you? All the best, Rosie

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks for your comment! I'm delighted that you're knitting socks again, and if you'd like to donate them to the Sock Line then that would be wonderful, thank you! I'm in the process of contacting places to send them out to now, so you're just in time, and I have just the place in mind for them! Would you be able to send them to Black Sheep Wools for me, please? They've been kind enough to act as a collection point for me and it gives me a good excuse to visit! Their address is: Black Sheep Wools, Warehouse Studios, Glaziers Lane, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 4AQ. Thanks again! xx

    2. Great! I'm just on shaping the toe of the second sock, I'll send them as soon as possible ;) would love to hear where they end up xxx

  2. Hi Christine is it too late to send the yarndale socks. I found my pair that I was going to post . They were down the back of the chest freezer at the back door. We got visitors the day I was going to post them along with other mail and got put on top of the freezer. When son opened the freezer he dropped the bag down the back and didn't tell me. I thought he had taken the mail to the post office. Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen, don't worry, you can still send them to me (or bring them yourself if you're coming to Yarndale!). Thanks for getting involved! xx

  3. Sorry for ANOTHER is it too late question, but can I still donate?

    1. I'll be posting the request for socks for the 2018 Yarndale Sock Line in a few months' time so you'll see it on the blog :) xx

  4. Yay! Time to learn how to knit with four needles.

  5. When I joined the soccer team in my college, my sister gifted me custom dog socks and shoes, and motivated me to do my best before the tournament.


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