Preparations for Peru

Hello, I’m “big daughter” and it’s not long now until I go to Peru. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everyone’s generosity, through donations or by buying my Mum’s sock book (she is putting the profits towards my fundraising).  I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of people that have helped me towards the total costs of my expedition.

For anyone who might not know, in July this year I will be travelling to Peru with World Challenge, via Amsterdam (which seems a bit mad to me as it’s in the wrong direction!) with KLM airlines.

The expedition lasts for 4 weeks.  The first few days involve an acclimatisation trek, where we have time to get used to the altitude. Then we take on our main trek, called the Huaracondo trek. Where we are trekking is marked in red.

It starts in Cuzco and we travel up to nearly 4000m and eventually end in Ollantaytambo which is a ruined town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  This is where the Incas retreated to after the Spanish took Cuzco.  (The next few pictures of Peru were taken by somebody else but I should have lots of my own to show you when I come back!)

The middle of the expedition involves helping out the community.  We aren’t entirely sure what we will be doing exactly as they send us to where they need help the most which will only be determined nearer the time.  However, I do know that we will be working in a school helping to teach English as well as building or repainting in the community.

Our final week involves visiting Machu Picchu, where we get to see the sunrise over the historic ruins

as well as spending the night with a family in Lake Titicaca, which will be really interesting to experience how they live over there.  We will also visit the Paracas National Park.

The cost of the expedition that I had to raise was £4,500, however I also have to fund the cost of my equipment so I’ve been doing some fundraising and working in a local pub and of course there have been your contributions.  I’ve got a lot of my kit now such as my waterproofs

and lots of things that I hadn’t thought about until I got my kit list like boot laces and a door stop for when we stay in hostels.

The boots turned out to be the most expensive of my kit but I will be wearing them pretty much every day so it was important to buy comfortable ones and I’m still on the lookout for a good deal on a rucksack to take!  In order to be able to walk 12km a day, I’ve been in training by walking the dog with my Mum around the fields by my College which in the beginning was challenging as I didn’t realise how unfit I was! But I’ve really enjoyed getting to spend time with my Mum as with our busy schedules, it’s hard to spend a lot of time together.

We spotted this fallen tree in the woods on one walk – I thought it looked really unusual!

The amount of vaccinations needed in order to go to Peru made me feel like a walking pin cushion, and although I did faint
the first time (much to my Mum’s amusement), I think I’ve become a lot less squeamish! Quite a few were covered on the NHS which I was very grateful for, but jabs like Yellow Fever and Rabies were a lot more expensive than I expected.  It’s a good job I don’t need them every year!

Thank you again for your kindness and to my Mum for letting me have a guest post on her blog. I’ll do another one a bit nearer the time to let you know more about what I’m going to be doing!

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15 Responses

  1. magica says:

    Good luck! It sounds like a wonderful experience that you'll never forget!

  2. Cardgenie says:

    Thanks for sharing your preparation. Hope you have a great time and get everything out of the experience. Look forward to seeing the pictures! Take care and good luck. Jean.x

  3. Helen D says:

    All the best Big Daughter! I have friends who've just come back from 5 years in Peru and they really miss it. I hope you come back with equally wonderful memories! Xx

  4. selina says:

    am looking forward to hearing all about your trip, what an adventure!
    stay safe over there
    thanx for sharing

  5. mazmama says:

    Good luck! My daughter had a preparation trek in the Lake District in the middle of winter! The water bottles froze! Her expedition was a quickly arranged substitute as they were originally going to Sulawesi – but the political climate there at the time was a bit tricky. She did many of the things you have planned though. Look out for Condors. They are huge! I'll look forward to your post when you come back.

  6. Suegodfrey says:

    I am sure you will have the time of your life 😀 our son went travelling for a year after he left Uni. India, China, Australia etc…. Being a bit he was not good at keeping in touch and I had to resort to posting a plea 'you have seen ET phone home ' lol it worked, he did phone the day before he was going to do a bungy jump!!! So please think about your poor Mum and keep in touch. Have a fab fab time hugs Sue xx

  7. sustainablemum says:

    It sounds a wonderful adventure and I am sure it will be an amazing experience. I spent five weeks in Ecuador (it was nearly twenty years ago now) and my memories are still really strong. We flew via Amsterdam then too, at least our luggage and everything was checked in right the way through!

    Rucksacks are an important piece of kit on an expedition, I am going to hazard a guess that you didn't do/haven't done D of E as you don't have one? I would really recommend trying them on before you buy one, making sure that the back fits you properly between the shoulders and the waist. It is easy to find them for women's shorter backs my first rucksack bought for D of E thirty years ago was so uncomfortable as it was too big really. I would also practice walking with it loaded up as it will make life easier for you when you come to do your trek! There is often good deals at Go Outdoors and Decathalon although I not sure if the latter sells rucksacks. Go Outdoors have a membership scheme which makes prices cheaper, if you are doing D of E you can get further money off, not sure if World Challange has the same arrangement?

    Have a wonderful time!

  8. Unknown says:

    Your adventure sounds amazing, well done you for attempting it. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing more of your adventure. Have a great time and take lots of pics !

  9. Lisa Holmes says:

    Wow! What a fab adventure, I'm sure you will have an amazing time. Best wishes to you and your lovely mum x

  10. Lilly's Mom says:

    Hello amazing Big Daughter! I am so happy and excited for you as you get ready to partake on this wonderful journey. It was fun seeing and reading about how you have gotten ready for this big adventure. I wish you the very best; have fun and stay safe. Hugs, Pat

  11. Shelagh says:

    I'm going green with envy here – it sounds like a fabulous trip! I hope you have a wonderful time. I'm really looking forward to your return post 🙂

  12. mazmama says:

    ooh yes – rucksacks! Practice packing it! It's amazing how much you can get in – but it's also amazing how the thing you NEED RIGHT NOW is at the bottom. Not good when you are exhausted at the end of the day and want your toothbrush.

  13. Run Home To Crochet says:

    Good luck with your adventure – I look forward to your "guest posts" on your return – stay safe and enjoy xx Joy xx

  14. Campfire says:

    That is amazing Big Daughter, a thing I always wanted to do but couldn't when I was young. Have a great trip which possibly will be more than an education than education.

  15. Lynette says:

    Your trip sounds amazing and I envy you seeing all those wonderful sights. You will have many different experiences, the memories of which will last you a lifetime. Take the advice of those that have been there and done it and you should be fine. But most of all, ENJOY it all, every single minute of it and keep us updated with plenty of pictures so we can share it with you. Good luck xx

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