Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

It's finally calm.  It's been a busy day of last minute cards, presents and preparations, and what's not done now isn't going to get done.  The world won't end, and Christmas Day will be just fine.  

Every child who wants to gets to add a character to the nativity scene at the Crib Service at church. It makes the stable a little crowded, but nobody gets left out.  I loved the sheep gazing into each other's eyes!

The Polar Express, our favourite Christmas film, wasn't showing at the cinema this year so we watched it on DVD instead, snuggled up together on the sofa with hot chocolate and treats.  I even put my knitting down for a while!

It won't be long before Father Christmas arrives so I'll just wish you a very happy Christmas and hope that you have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing xx


  1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Christine! x

  2. I love that feeling on Christmas Eve when you realise that if it's not done now, it's not going to get's so liberating! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. x


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