Join the Sockalong (spare)

 Do you want to learn to knit socks?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The Winwick Mum Sockalong has been helping beginner sock knitters to get started for over six years and there have been thousands of pairs of socks knitted using these tutorials (if you don’t believe me, have a look at this post for our fun Annual Sock Count – and that’s just the pairs that I know about!).

So, let’s get started straight away!  These tutorials will help you with everything you need so start at the beginning by downloading your pattern and then work your way through the tutorials in order – and you’ll soon be wearing your very own pair of fabulous hand knit socks!

Download your free Basic 4ply Socks pattern

A pair of blue, green and purple striped socks modelled on feet.  The model is standing on a stone slab surrounded by plants.

Choose your sock yarn  

There are so many choices around, there’s bound to be one that suits you!  This tutorial will help you navigate the choices before you head to the internet rabbit hole!

Three balls of multi-coloured sock yarn with a skein of blue yarn underneath, all resting on a white background

Choose your needles

The Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorials are written for short circular, long circular (magic loop) and DPNs (double pointed needles) so you can choose whichever takes your fancy – and swap if you try one and don’t like it!  This tutorial talks you through the options.

Three sets of knitting needles - short circular, long circular and DPNs on a white background

And this post talks you through the more recent additions to the short circular needle choices!

Three sets of short circular needles of different sizes nested together on a white background

Gauge (tension) and the Sock Stitch Calculation

Nobody wants to spend time working on a gauge (tension) square when there’s sock knitting to be done – but this tutorial will save you time and frustration as it will you to get the perfect fit for your socks.  Time well spent, I promise!

A photo showing yarn ball band instructions

Here’s the video to go with this tutorial:

Sock knitting accessories and how to match stripes

You’re almost ready – just a few more things to add to your sock knitting tool kit, and most of them you probably have close to hand!  Also – for those of us who like our socks to match, there’s an extra section on how to get those colours exact!

A ball of orange striped yarn with the centre pulled out to make a second ball

Here’s the video on how to match the yarn:

If you’re using the new Winwick Mum yarns, this tutorial is especially for matching those stripes.

Four pairs of socks in Winwick Mum yarn modelled on feet

If you would like video help, you can find that here at the beginning of this tutorial video.

Anatomy of a Sock

Are you ready to get started?  This is where we take a look at how a sock is put together ready to start knitting!

A ripple striped sock with sock sections marked on it

How to cast on your sock, and work the cuff and leg

Woohoo!  Your brand new sock is a-go!  This is the point where you become a sock knitter!

A double pointed needle with rows of knitted rib in orange yarn

How to create the heel flap, heel turn and gusset

I love this part, it’s where the magic happens.  You’re going to feel like a sock superstar when you turn your heel!

A heel flap knitted in orange, yellow and blue striped yarn on two needles

Knitting the foot, decreasing for the toes and using Kitchener Stitch

We’ve almost finished and you’re about to complete your first sock!  Now that is magic with pointy sticks!

An orange and yellow striped sock on a pair of knitting needles.  The sock is almost finished!

And that’s it!

Your socks are finished, well done!  I hope you are super-proud of them!

If you want to check out some of the Sockalong Successes from when the tutorials first started (just to prove to yourself that you can be one of them!), click here!

If you would like a book copy of the tutorials to keep so that you don’t have to keep referring to them online, Super Socks is the paperback and e-book version of the tutorials you have just used.  It’s exactly the same information, it contains the 4ply and 6ply patterns for the Basic Socks and the tutorials are set out by needle type rather than sock section.  Oh, and it’s a good big size so that you can prop it open with your brew!  


This tutorials are free and will always remain so, but if you have enjoyed using them and would like to make a donation towards future projects, it will be gratefully received!  You can find the donation button on the sidebar on the left hand side.  Thank you! xx

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