Wednesday, 31 March 2021

End of March

And here we are at the end of the month!

Thank you if you've stuck with me for the last two weeks whilst I've been posting every day - I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have!

It's been so lovely to have the daily conversation with you.  I haven't always managed to reply to your comments but it's been great to read them all and particularly those from yesterday's Monthly Musing - so many of us "in recovery" from thoughtless childhood words!  Thank you for taking the time to write to me, I very much appreciate it xx

I've taken your advice over the mug stains too, you'll be be pleased to know.  This is after a retainer cleaning tablet, a hot wash in the dishwasher and a good scrub with a scrubby pad in the sink - not bad, eh?!

Photo showing the clean inside of a white mug.  To the left is a pot of tea

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Monthly Musing - March 2021 - Can-do thinking

I love it when you read a magazine article and it stops you in your tracks.
The one that I was reading was all about someone whose Grandma had commented disparagingly on the drawing she had given her when she was very young and she never really drew again after that.  It sounds so sad, and might also have you asking, “Why didn’t she ignore the Grandma?” or “Why didn’t she tell the Grandma how much she had upset her?” and I think we all know the answer to that.
Reading this, has an occasion sprung to mind when someone told you that you couldn’t do something?  Or can you see yourself in your childhood years feeling dispirited because someone else was better at doing something than you, so you felt that you might as well give up?  Yup, I think there might be more than a few of us.  For me, it was a high school teacher in dressmaking classes (oh yes, that really was a thing!) and I went from being confident and ready to tackle anything to never considering making my own clothes again. 

Monday, 29 March 2021

Blue sky

Look at that sky!  It was such a gorgeous colour of blue when the dog and I set out for our walk this morning.  It's the first walk we've been on since last Thursday and it felt good to be out!

An aeroplane vapour trail across a blue sky framed by trees

It was the vapour trail that caught my eye.  They're much more infrequent these days, I'd quite forgotten what it was like to see them criss-crossing the sky.  We used to be able tell the time by the 9pm Easyjet plane that always flew past our house every night but it's been a year now and the sky is silent in the evening.  I'll miss that, although it will be nice to go on a plane again one day!

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Rainy Sunday

I was hoping the weather would be better today.  I'm feeling full of beans again and I was all set to go out into the garden but it's rained all day so I haven't bothered.  I'm afraid I've used the excuse of not feeling great over the weekend to be a fair weather gardener - but it is so much more pleasant in the sunshine!

I've managed to clear out the box of stuff in my study that I swept off my desk and it feels so good to have all that put away!  A lot of it was paper - letters that I needed to do something with (diary dates, reply to, looking something up) so I've sorted those and the rest of it was boxes of things that didn't need to be in boxes.

One of the boxes had these in them.  They're called Beebombs and they were a Christmas gift from a friend.  You may well have seen things like these before - native wildflower seeds packed into some kind of earth or solid compost shape and the idea is that you plant the whole thing and then see what comes up.  I've got a couple of places in the garden where these can go, but I wanted to wait until the weather was a bit warmer before I planted them.  

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Normal service has been resumed

Yellow tulips, a cinnamon swirl on a black and white plate and a cup of tea on a wooden table

Thank you once again for your lovely comments after my post yesterday.  I did feel very sorry for myself but although I woke up still aching this morning, I've felt better as the day has gone on and I'd say I'm pretty much back to my usual self now. 

It's also been interesting reading your comments to see how we've all reacted differently to the Covid vaccination - some feeling nothing at all, some like me and poorly for a short while and others seem to have had the full hit - I hope everybody is feel well now!

I haven't really done much today.  My husband, lovely man that he is, bought me some tulips and a cinnamon swirl when he was out this afternoon.  I've watched a few videos on YouTube, put some washing in the machine, eaten some leftover pizza (me not feeling very well is an excuse for the girls to order pizza for dinner, apparently) and realised that one of my tidying up decisions last week may not have been my finest move.

Friday, 26 March 2021

I've got chills ...

A cherry cake sits on a wooden chopping board.  A couple of slices have been cut from the loaf

Ugh, I was congratulating myself last night on having no symptoms whatsoever after my jab, not even a sore arm - and then at 11pm, pretty much 12 hours after my jab, they all hit me like a ton of bricks.

I've had the shivers, I've been burning up, everything aches, my arm is sore ... I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself today, it has to be said, although it's made me feel better to read your comments from yesterday and know that firstly, I'm not alone and secondly, I should be fine again by tomorrow.  Thank you!  I know I'm not ill and that really helps too, and that my body is doing what it should be doing by trying to fight whatever this incoming substance is, and it's always comforting to know that things are working properly!

The family has been looking after me whilst I've stayed in bed catching up on sleep.  I can't remember the last time I had a day in bed and I did feel quite guilty about it, but they all seem to be coping just fine (although apparently the dog said that he usually has the whole box of food for breakfast, not just a scoop.  Nobody believed him.) so I am welcoming the opportunity to just have a rest for the day.

As I've not been out and about today, I thought I'd show you this Cherry Almond Loaf Cake that small daughter and I made the other week.  It's a free recipe from Doves Farm, it was really quick to make and it disappeared equally as quickly.  It's very good with a cup of tea!

See you tomorrow when, hopefully, normal service will be resumed!

Thursday, 25 March 2021


Helloo!  Thursday today, I'm much more on the ball, not least because I've been for my Covid-19 jab today so I had to remember what day it was 😀

A small card indicating that a Covid-19 vaccination has been administered.  In the background are an orange mug of tea and toasted teacake on a black and white plate

Back home, it seemed essential to sit down with a brew and a teacake and admire the sticker that I got for bravery.  Seriously, it was all very easy.  Whatever your view on the vaccine is (and just because I chose to have mine doesn't mean I sit in judgement if you choose not to - it's a very personal decision), you've got to admire the number of people who have volunteered their time to organise car parking, point people in the right direction, hand out masks, squirt hand sanitiser, log registration numbers, clean seats, announce the next available vaccine slot, make sure you sit down before you drive home and wave to you as you leave.  It reminds you that we're all in this together and that hopefully it won't be long before it's safe for those who are shielding and at risk to go outside again.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

What day is it?

Is it still Wednesday?

It's seemed like such a long day today!  

Thank you for still being here with me after blog posts every day, and thank you for your comments too.  I'm doing my best to reply to them all but I know I'm a couple of days behind.  It feels like a proper conversation between us all and I love that!

Today started off at the vet's.  The dog and I had a first-thing-in-the-morning appointment.  Well, the dog did - I went along as chauffeur and spokesperson and he's making good progress in trying to track down the source of his allergies.  Well, at least, the vet didn't seem too cross that on the list of foods he'd eaten this week there was a "dead bird from the roadside" and "something that he found in the bushes", so I took that as progress.

A travel mug of tea, a half-knitted sock and a ball of yarn are on a car dashboard.  Out of the window is a large picture of pets drawn by a child

It feels both normal and strange now to have to sit outside the vets' practice in the car whilst we wait for the vet to come out to see us.  It's funny how quickly we've got used to this lockdown life, isn't it?  I suppose the good thing is that the weather is better now, and this particular vet practice (we're at the animal hospital now, thank goodness for pet insurance!) has a car park, unlike our local vets where we get to stand in the rain.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Winging it

Catkins on a fallen willow tree

Close up of catkins on the willow tree

A black dog looks down a slope into a wooded area with a pond in the background

A large tree has fallen down and is hanging across the canal, it's branches in the water

A large white swan at the canal bank

A shopping trolley containing groceries and a shiny metal incinerator

A partly knitted sock on a circular needle in shades of turquoise and pink.  There is an orange mug next to it and in the background, houseplants and a fireplace

"So tell me," said Lucy, "have you got a plan for your every day posts?"

It didn't take much thought.

"Nope," I said.  "I'll be winging it."

As much as I like a list, I've realised that I do spend quite a lot of my time flying by the seat of my pants (I'd like to say just in my blog-writing, but sadly, that's not the case!) and whilst that has its downsides, it can also be quite liberating.  

Monday, 22 March 2021

Another slice of Winwick Mum life!

It's not sunny today in Winwick, but it's not cold.  Small daughter declared it sufficiently warm to go to school without a coat on and knowing that generally she doesn't seem to feel the cold like I do, I've let her get on with it.  

Winwick St Oswald's Church stands high above a walled grassy bank.  There are dark clouds behind the church spire

It does actually look from this photo of our church like we're going to get wet but I think it's just a day like that.  There's no rain forecast here today, although I think we might get some later in the week.  It's green garden bin collection day on Friday so I'll need to make sure that I get it filled up before the rain comes!

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Not you again?!

Hello, hello, it's Sunday and it's me again!

You might be wondering what's going on here - I mean, two posts in two days?!  That's not usual these days unless I have something in particular to tell you, but you're going to see a lot more of me in March!

I was chatting to my lovely Attic friend recently and our conversation got onto how much she had enjoyed blogging every day in October last year.  Lucy was taking part in the event called Blogtober where bloggers post something every day throughout the month and if you follow blogs, you might have seen a significant increase in your reading material ... I was tempted to join in but had too many other things on my plate at the time to make the commitment, although I did enjoy reading her posts!  

Anyway, she has decided to do the same thing for the remaining days of March and I'm going to join her this time (although we did decide that calling it "Blarch" might sound like you'd eaten something that had disagreed with you ... and where does it stop?  Blapril?  Blay?  Blune?) so here I am ... and here I'll be every day till the end of the month!  If you also follow Lucy and want to read her latest post, it's here.

My mug doesn't half get stained from tea - do you have this problem?

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Spring Equinox

It's the Spring Equinox today which means that the sun is directly over the Equator and day and night are of equal length and that for us in the northern hemisphere, the days will start to get longer and nights shorter.  If you're in the southern hemisphere, it's the other way around and Winter is on it's way for you.

If you use the astronomical calendar then today is the first day of Spring (the meterological first day is 1 March as it divides the year equally into four seasons of three months each) and out in the garden, it really felt as if Spring had sprung! 

The daffodils are coming out now - I can't remember seeing these with their orange trumpets last year but they might have been buried in the border undergrowth - I've been doing a lot of cutting back and have found a few plants I thought I'd lost!

Thursday, 18 March 2021


How has another week nearly passed without me looking?!  

I hope all's well in your world!

Small daughter has nearly finished her second week back at school and she's enjoyed it far more than she expected (or will admit to) ... I pick her up from school and she'll say "Such and such did this in class today, it was soooo funny" and I think about how she has missed that over the last year.  It does make me a little sad to think about it like that, but on the other hand, she's had the experience of being at home when the world was different for a while which may never happen again in her lifetime, and what's life about if not experiencing the new and different?  I think she would tell you that you can keep your new and different if it involves lateral flow Covid tests, but she'll still have a story to tell her grandchildren about life in 2020!

So what stories have I got to tell you this week?

Well, I've finished a sock!  Yes, I know you haven't seen this one before and that's because I've done that classic thing of ignoring all the WIPs that I have showed you and cast on something new.  Doesn't everyone do that?!

The pattern is my Basic 4ply Socks pattern with contrast cuff, heel and toes.

I spoilt myself the other week and bought some hand-dyed skeins (I have realised that spending too much time on Instagram is becoming a very expensive hobby for me!), one of which is this one from Stripey Cat Yarns called Mermaid's Tail.  It's a 50g skein of speckled yarn with 20g of contrast ... I was a bit worried that wouldn't be enough for a pair of socks for me but as you can see, there's plenty left in the balls so I'm confident that I won't run out.  The colours are just lovely - this photo is quite a good representation (my phone camera doesn't like blues, for some reason) but I'm sure I'll be taking more when they're finished!

Friday, 5 March 2021


It's Friday!  And lockdown restrictions start to ease next week!  It definitely sounds to me like wine o'clock should start a little bit earlier today 😀  Having said that, not much changes next week for us apart from small daughter going back to school so it could be that I'm just seeing an excuse to drink more wine ...

So how's your week been?

I'm not quite sure where mine has gone, and I'm also not quite sure what I've done with it!

I did notice that signs of Spring are popping up everywhere now.  This border is along our side path and every year I am delighted to spot purple crocuses that have been missed by a mouse (mice seem to really like crocuses, they must be extra-tasty!) ...

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