Thursday, 25 February 2021

After half term

Thank you again for all your kind words and enthusiasm about my last post about the Seasons patterns, it's been such an amazing few weeks and I am loving starting to see social media photos of the yarns being used now!

School has finished, been on holiday and re-started again since the yarn launched and it's very strange writing a blog post about being back at school after the half term holidays when "school" is just along the landing on a computer!

Small daughter is not impressed that she has to get out of bed before lunchtime (she's wholeheartedly embraced the teenage time shift and would happily sleep most of her day away given the opportunity) but is even less impressed at the news that the schools are re-opening in March as she has also wholeheartedly embraced the new "uniform" of hoody and pyjama bottoms that are almost certainly not going to acceptable when school re-opens!

We've still managed to do a fair bit over the half term holiday, though.  I got out into the garden at the weekend and started my seed sowing.  It probably is still a little bit early but I was feeling the need to get my hands in the compost and the seeds will grow as fast as they grow despite me!

A potting tray with brightly coloured packets of seeds, a seed tray filled with compost and a plant pot full of compost

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Winwick Mum Seasons yarn - all about the patterns!

Well, what a week it's been!  We've had ALL the seasonal weather here over the last seven days - sunshine, snow, rain, blustery winds ... I could have changed my socks several times every day and still not kept up with it all!

I promised that I would tell you about the patterns that go with the four new Seasons colourways (if by some chance you missed that blog post, you can find it here) and that's what this post is all about.

I said in my last post about colour inspiration that there's always a story and you won't be surprised to know that there's a story behind my pattern designs either.  I thought long and hard about how best to represent my choices of the colours for each yarn in a pattern, and I hope that as you read about them, they'll inspire to you some stories of your own!

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Winwick Mum Seasons yarn - colours and inspiration

Oh wow, oh wow, OH WOW!

Thank you so much for all your lovely words and appreciation for my new Seasons yarn collection - it really has been incredible!  💕

Thank you very much too for buying it, for supporting your local yarn shops and for planning something to keep you occupied over the next few weeks and months as this lockdown continues.  There's nothing quite like a new project in new yarn, is there, and this range couldn't have been released at a better time - hooray for West Yorkshire Spinners and their launch schedule! - and I am so pleased to know that you've got something lined up to help to keep your spirits strong as we wait for positive news - as have I, because I'll be wanting pairs of socks for myself in this yarn too!

Three balls of yarn in a round wicker basket - one is shades of green, one is shades of brown, one is shades of blue.  A fourth ball in shades of pink lies next to the basket on a wooden floor

So, I promised that I would tell you more about the yarns and the patterns and how they came about.  I'm going to start today with the colours and the stories behind them - you should know by now that there's always a story behind everything I do 😀 - and how we actually managed to create a range of yarn during lockdown when I live over an hour's drive away from the mill!

Monday, 8 February 2021

Winwick Mum yarn - Seasons collection


It's officially launch day for my new Seasons yarn collection, created with my lovely and very clever friends at West Yorkshire Spinners in Signature 4ply, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be finally able to tell you all about it!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am THRILLED to introduce ... the Winwick Mum Seasons collection!

Four balls of yarn lined up on a white board background.  The balls are from left to right: shades of green, shades of pink, shades of brown and yellow, shades of blue and turquoise

Oh, it seems as if I've had to wait forever to be able to share these photos with you!

The four colours are, from left to right, Spring Green, Summer Sunset, Autumn Leaves and Winter Icicle.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

New Winwick Mum yarn ... two days to go!

Psst!  Would you like another sneak peek before the new Winwick Mum yarn launch on Monday?  Ooh, I can't believe that the day is nearly here!  

It's been sooo hard to keep the secret!  Don't worry, I've got the go-ahead to show you these photos so you'll get some idea of what West Yorkshire Spinners and I have been working on over the last year!

Friday, 5 February 2021

Winter Haven KAL 2021 round up

Hello!  How are you doing?  February has arrived and the Winter Haven KAL is over for this year, but I hope you have enjoyed it!  

I've had such a lovely time with the Knitalong again, and it's been fantastic to see your projects and havens too ... just like last year, I thought we'd have one last post to share more of your photos and your thoughts.  Are you ready to see lots of photos?!

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Something new ...

Want to see some more?

Four yarn ball bands are balanced on each other.  The yarn names are Winter Icicle, Spring Green, Autumn Leaves and Summer Sunset.  In the background are four coloured balls of yarn.

Isn't it fab that West Yorkshire Spinners print the yarn shade onto their ball bands now? 😀

That's all for today ... but the launch date is getting closer and I'll be able to show you more very soon!

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