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Saturday, 24 October 2020

WYS Christmas yarns and socks 2020

Well, have I got something lovely to talk to you about today!

I haven't been able to say much about what I was knitting over the Spring and Summer this year, but now all can be revealed ... in fact, you may have seen what I was up to and started to knit it for yourself!  (It's such fun to be cryptic sometimes! 😀 )

Have you guessed?  It's the West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas 2020 yarn!

I know it's only October but we knitters have to work to a different timescale sometimes and especially if we're gift knitting.  That's why West Yorkshire Spinners released their Christmas yarns in September - I was thrilled to be asked to design their Christmas sock pattern again this year and that's why I needed to be knitting Christmas socks during these long hot weeks we had over the Spring and Summer! 

Not just one sock pattern, though ... this year is a bit different.  Read on - although do be warned, this is a long, picture-heavy post!

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

My Instagram Challenge Part 4

It's the last week of photos from the Instagram challenge that I took part in during September.  I had such a lovely time following the prompts and deciding how they could relate to socks and yes, I really could find an excuse to talk about socks for every one of them!   

Thanks for your comments about the previous weeks' photos, I'm glad you've enjoyed seeing them!  It's back to socks and dog walks next week ... 😀

Day 22 : Gifts

A stack of multi-coloured socks on a white background with a reindeer ornament and one sock in the foreground

Getting socks for Christmas is no joke ...
Particularly when they've been made especially for you!

Friday, 16 October 2020

My Instagram Challenge Part 3

It's Friday already - what a week it's been!  More lockdown restrictions for many of us, no matter where in the world we are, and it's not looking like we're going to be going back to any kind of "normal" any time soon.  I hope you're holding up, it's a worrying time and I know that everybody's anxiety levels are higher than they should normally be.

I've got two more weeks of Instagram photos to show you then we're back to dog walks and what is or isn't growing in the garden (spoiler alert - we may be eating kale for the rest of our lives!) so I'm hoping this is a welcome respite from "the usual" which has been rather more restricted lately!

Here's week 3 ...

Day 15 : Colour Inspiration

A green glass fishing float, a ball of blue Seascape yarn and two shells on a white background

Are you old enough to remember these glass fishing floats?

They were very fashionable in the 1970s and this one hung in our bathroom when I was small.  It hangs in our house now, and was part of the inspiration for my Seascape yarn, one of the four colours that I created with West Yorkshire Spinners in the Winwick Mum collection.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

My Instagram Challenge Part 2

Hello again!

It's made me smile this morning knowing that I'm going to be sitting down to write a post sharing more Instagram photos after my Monthly Musing last week - if you want to take a quick look at it, it's here; I was talking about too much social media scrolling not being a positive thing for me 😀.  I loved reading all of your comments, thank you - it seems like you recognise that it's not always a positive thing for you too, and I've been looking at Instagram in particular in a new light recently.  I've also been keeping a close eye on how long I've been looking at Instagram and stopping the endless scroll has made me feel much better this week!

So, because I am thinking in our best interests - yours and mine - here's another week's worth of the photos that I took for the September YarnFriendsRock hashtag challenge - and you only get to look at 7 days' worth of them so that you're not endlessly scrolling!

Ready?  Here we go!

Day 8 :  Pretty stacks

Yarn cakes of various colours stacked on top of each other against a white background

One potato, two potato ... would you call them yarn potato cakes? 🤣
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