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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Monthly Musing - August 2019 - Late summer

I'm watching the house martins on the electricity wires by our house.  They visit every year, at first just one or two, and by the end of the summer there is a whole flock of them – over thirty as best as I could count this morning.  They line up, chattering loudly, then suddenly they all fly into the air, swooping around and then rearrange themselves on the wires, as if to change conversational partners.  They have so much to say, and they are very noisy!  I love this time of year when I can hear them all from early in the morning, and it always makes me a little sad when, one day, they have all gone without warning, flying off to sunny climes for the winter.  It’s usually about the same time that small daughter goes back to school, when everything feels just that little bit different and there’s a smell in the air that heralds the turn of the season.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this time of year feels like the start of a new year for me, and I’ve written about this before.  Despite our reliance on calendars, schedules and routines, I think there is something inside all of us that is still governed by long-distant rhythms connected with the seasons – not necessarily religious in any way – but just part of who we are and how we connect to the earth.  The climate might be changing but Nature still dances to the beat of her own drum and as inhabitants of the earth, I think it is impossible for us to ignore this, however much we might try.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Wellies and yoga pants - Soul Circus 2019

Hello!  How was your weekend?

I spent mine with big daughter at Soul Circus, a yoga and well-being festival held in Gloucester.  Not content with doing her degree, her part-time bar job and volunteering at a national counselling helpline, big daughter is also training to be a yoga teacher (this is how I know she's my daughter - she wants to do All The Things! 😀) and this was an opportunity to meet up with her course buddies and also try out different aspects of yoga and wellness that we don't usually get to experience.  (Warning - this is a long post with lots of photos!)

The festival didn't start until the Friday but we wanted to go to one of the earlier workshops so we set off on Thursday evening, albeit a bit later than we intended.  Big daughter drove, I sat in the passenger seat and knitted (two and a half hours of gifted knitting time - bliss!) and we chatted about this and that.  By the time we arrived, there was a beautiful, huge golden moon in the sky - and we set to work putting our tent up in the dark.  

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Plastic-free update

I thought it was about time that I wrote about how we were getting on with reducing single use plastic in our house.  It's something that we're conscious of all the time, but we've not found it not as easy as you might think to just stop using all plastics as there are so many of them in everyday use.  We've decided that rather than try to change everything wholesale (which might mean creating more plastic waste as we just throw things away), we'll change what we can when we reach a point that something needs replacing.

You can see what we've been up to so far here and here, but here's a short recap.  So far, we've replaced tea bags with loose leaf tea ...

That was an easy change to make and we're still enjoying our tea from Brew Tea Company*

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