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Monday, 11 December 2017

Getting closer

It should never be a surprise to me that Christmas is on 25 December; the date doesn't change and I've been around for a fair few Christmases now, but despite my good intentions of being organised by the beginning of December, it very rarely happens.  I've written some Christmas cards, I've wrapped some presents, I still need to write more cards, buy more presents - and it feels as if Christmas is just around the corner, waiting to pounce on me shouting "Not ready?  But you knew I was coming!"

This year, I've struggled to feel festive at all which hasn't helped my preparations, despite small daughter kindly keeping me up to speed on how many sleeps it is before the big day ("How many?" Oh no!) but over the weekend something happened that has made a big difference.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Yarndale Sock Line 2017 roundup

Can it really be that time of year again when I'm able to say to you "look where all the Yarndale socks have gone?"

It doesn't seem like five minutes ago that I was asking you if you'd like to get involved in the Yarndale Sock Line this year but here we are in December and it really is that time of year where I can tell you that all the socks have gone to new homes.

I collected the first parcels of socks in August ...

and using the system that I set up last year to log all of the sock details, soon had them all up on my spreadsheet and waiting for Yarndale.